From Tracie: Wrapping Up 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wrapping Up 2014

This end of the year wrap up with pictures and posts is a tradition started in 2011, continued in 2012 and 2013, and carried on again this year.

2014 was a hard year. I lost several dear family members and friends. A lot of grieving has taken place. 2014 was a beautiful year. I started working full time in a job I absolutely love, had amazing experiences, and held one of the sweetest babies ever born. Highs and lows. Grieving and rejoicing. Changes big and small. These are the things of which life is made.

Pictures of 2014

Looking through a person's pictures is a great way of seeing what is important to them, and what they love.

These are some of my favorite pictures from this year.

polka dot shells

Shells of polka dots and promise.

Ridley Pearson at the Kingdom Keepers 7 book signing with Katarina Nall

Meeting Ridley Pearson. This was huge. There are other pictures from this day that are technically better, but this one is my favorite. Pure joy.

Sun Halo | ring around the sun

The day the sun halo came out to play.

Family water park fun

Family fun.

Discovery Muse Meg White with Katarina

Katarina is a work of art.

Thomas and Tracie In Love

12 years. Thomas + Tracie = Love

Leslie Carrara Rudolph and Lolly with Jason and Mary Hunt and Katarina

So much fun spending the day with Jason and Mary watching Leslie and Lolly Make Stuff Up.

Katarina and Tracie

11 years. This kid is my heart.

Four generations of Judge Women

Four generations.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses.

Tracie Nall and Nell Merlino at Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta

Meeting Nell Merlino at Bloggy Boot Camp.

Cooking is hard

I love Leigh Anne's serious concentration next to Katarina's extreme act of strength. This picture is titled "Cooking is hard."

Baby countdown calendar

Week by week we counted down with this calendar until my fake niece was born. She is beautiful and amazing.

Tracie and Lee at Epcot Candlelight Processional

Do you want to build a snowman? Lee and I found a Florida snowman at Epcot's Candlelight Processional.

Tracie Nall in yellow

Me. Beating 2014, and looking forward to a new year.

Blog Posts of 2014

These posts are not necessarily the ones that had the most traffic, comments, or shares. They are simply my favorite posts from each month. The ones I really enjoyed writing.

January: Your Florida Is Showing - A funny conversation that proves Thomas has lived in the south too long. I Do Not Have The Answers - This is the post that was born as I found my way back to writing after we lost my mother-in-law this year. It is nearly a year later, and as I look back at those words, I realize I still do not have all the answers, but I am thankful for the words and the space to ask the questions.

February: Don't Trap Me In A Glass Box - Have you seen the little people trapped in glass boxes at the mall? If you lean in close, you can hear them screaming, "Save us! SAVE US!" Tearing Down & Building Up - Give your dreams a fresh start. No more trying to grow something new in a space that is old, tired, and doomed to failure.

March: How To Be Friendly And Stop Annoying People On Google+ - These tips will help you use Google+ to your advantage, and ensure you aren't accidentally coming across as a spammer.

One of the most important things I wrote in 2014 was, How Do You Tell Your Kid You Are A Survivor Of Child Sexual Abuse?

April: A Sliver of Light - Quotes and snippets of dreams and thoughts that brought light into my world during a very hard month.

May: Most of my favorite posts of the year happened during May. My Mom Taught Me About Mothering And Life - Two childhood moments that have informed my own parenting. I'm Thankful For Memories - Special moments with loved ones we lost in April, and other thankful things. The Early Days Of Blogging And How It Has Changed Since 2005 - A look at blogging from someone who has been doing it for nine years. But my absolute favorite post in May was Reflections In Bus Windows.

June: Do Baby Teeth Have Roots? - Yes they do, and we have pictures to prove it. Social Media Makes Me Stronger (And Less Depressed) - Social media is what you make of it. For me, it is a lifeline and blessing.

July: It All Sounds Like Bitch - Because sometimes you have to publicly apologize (my favorite thing about this post is that it caused my husband to make an appearance in the comment section). What I Am Not Sharing On Social Media - I have rules for my social media sharing.

August: The Best Wake Up Call Ever - This is a Thomas story that still makes me laugh. Cut The Strings - Change Is Coming - "Brace yourself for the flight. Or the fall."

September: This was the month we lost my Grandma. I wrote about our Last Words, and how they were an extension of the words we always shared. As The End Nears, This Is Peace - One of the most important moments of my life, joining with my family to sing Grandma to the gates of Heaven.

October: I Will Be Wasting Time On The Internet And Maybe Changing The World - As you share a little bit your life and your self with your friends, you are taking the first step on the path of changing the world.

November: I Am Queen of the Tunnel People - If you ever had to climb into one of those playground tunnels to rescue your kid, you will relate to this story. What The Sue Heck Is Tinikling? - The only PE activity I ever loved made it on one of my favorite tv shows.

December: The Mystery Of Books And Marriage And Life - "No matter where I go, I know I will not go there alone. I'll carry the pens and Thomas will carry the paper, and as we cross the river between the chapters, Katarina's pocket will hold her own notebook that finally has more of her words in it than ours."

For more end of the year wrap ups: 
- The posts I wrote about sexual abuse, rape, and survivor issues in the news this year, including my first tv interview.
- Find out how many books I read in 2014 here.

This has been 2014....from Tracie.


  1. Thank you for this amazingly great and jam packed wrap up of 2014. Read and followed many of these, but still a few I might of missed and will have to check out now. Wishing you a wonderful and happy new year now ;)

  2. Visiting from over at Christian Women Bloggers on Facebook - Thanks so much for sharing your year with us. It looked amazing. Looking forward to reading your 2014 re-cap post. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  3. Aw! I spy some Oregon in this post ;) I know this has been a hard year for your family in many ways, but it's nice to see the balance of joy here as well. Sending all my best wishes that 2015 will bring nothing but good things for you all!

  4. What a great post - I love seeing your year like this. Gorgeous pictures, too. Here is to 2015...

  5. What a fun idea. It's always fun to look back over the year and see all we have done and how things have changed.

  6. I do love to see photos and see what people value.
    My year was hard and beautiful too. Harder than usual, for me.
    Maybe your 2015 post will feature a photo of ME! I'm coming so soon.

  7. My favourite picture ever is you in that yellow chair.

    But Katarina is art is definitely a close second! :-)

  8. I love all of these pictures. You aren't a fake Aunt though. Family isn't just about blood. I should know. I have you and you have given me the gift of Katie. <3