From Tracie: Wrapping Up 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

I've been thinking about how to finish off another year here at the blog, and Shell from Things I Can't Say found all the great end of the year blog ideas that I will now steal borrow.

This is especially great since I did not send out Christmas cards this year (even though I signed and addressed all of them). When I was doing that, I had the overwhelming urge to write, "If you are wondering what we've been up to this year, you should have been reading the blog. Love ~ Tracie, Thomas, and Katarina" but since they are still sitting on my table, you will never know if I really signed them that way, or not.

Think of this as a letter that gives you an overview of my year.
Only more high-tech and (hopefully) exciting.

Ashley from My Front Porch Swing, and Jessica from Four Plus An Angel, and Robin from Farewell Stranger are all about the end of the year pictures.

These are my pictures:
Stones of Courage
I started a year-long focus on courage.

Work Boots
Thomas work shoes.
(Yes, I do like taking pictures of shoes)

Beautiful Sky Through The Trees
I spent some time enjoying nature and focusing on beauty.

A Family Moment
A fun visit with Thomas' dad. 

Tracie In Sunglasses
Thomas took this picture after I had my big haircut.

Katarina and Thomas
Thomas and Katarina on Father's Day

Mary and Jason Hunt
We spent time with special friends at an art show.

Cupcakes With An 8 Candle
Katarina turned eight years old.

Giraffe at Animal Kingdom Resort
Katarina and I spent a day with good friends, photographing animals. 

Dressed Up For Halloween
This one explains itself. 

Katarina and Thomas
I was laying on the ground for a picture. Katarina and Thomas looked at me like this. 
It probably wasn't the only time this year they gave me quizzical looks.

Thomas and Tracie
My favorite picture of me and Thomas from 2011.

Blog Posts!
MamaKat from Mama's Losin' It and Natalie from Mommy of a Monster are all about the list of your favorite posts from the year.

These are my posts:
January - Orange Couch Conversation - this was the first piece of fiction I ever shared here on the blog, it was a big step for me.
February - (I know two posts is cheating, but I really couldn't choose between these two) The Art of Journaling - my love of journals and journaling. Just One More Chapter? - a sweet moment with Katarina, growing up and loving books like her mom.
March - Days of Color and Warm Milk - a favorite memory from my kindergarten days.
April - Did That Vampire Just Bite Ashton Kutcher? - Thomas is crazy, and the crazy doesn't stop when he is asleep.
May - Go Short - How To Give From the Heart and the Head  - donating my hair.
June - The Alamo, Fresh Bread and a Spiral Staircase - I still love a good spiral staircase!
July - Where I'm From - I really enjoyed writing this one, and I loved reading the ones other people have written from this prompt. 
August - A Tale of Loo Water - I'm thinking Thomas isn't the only crazy one in this family. 
September - Glimpses of Change - change is hard, y'all, but I'm helped through the hardness by writing it out.
October - Words Find Light - breaking through a time of writer's block is a beautiful thing.
November - Bring A Towel - that time my family dried socks on a fan in the middle of a theme park.
December - If You Teach A Kid How To Write - the day blogging went full circle for me, as I watched Katarina start a blog of her own.

This has been 2011...from Tracie.

Mommy of a Monster


  1. Great way to ring out the old year! Nicely done! And yes, you do like pictures of shoes; they tell a story.

  2. love this! :)

    And think it would have been hilarious if you would have sent your cards telling people they just should have read your blog!

  3. I told people in our last holiday letter that I was not sending anymore, we were buying goats for charity and that they would have to follow the blog - and wouldn't you know, people still asked where the card was ;)

    Happy new year!

  4. How cool...what an awesome way to review the year!(one of many reasons I enjoy's like a photo-journal)

  5. I am so ditching the cards for next year. I'll do a static annual update on the blog.
    I love all your pics, looks like a pretty damn good year:)

  6. I sent cards but no updates inside of it! And the blog is mine... so I don't share it with to many family members.

    Hope that the upcoming year is great!!

  7. Great summary! You done good this year, Tracie.

    You should totally start a shop and sell cards signed that way. ;)

  8. I agree with the last poster - you should market that. I would buy cards signed that way!

    Loved your look back at the year. I am challenging myself to take more photos in full manual with my canon and never thought of the zoo - that would be a great day for the kids and my camera practice.

    Wishing you all the best in 2012.

  9. Yay, you! Love your recap of beautiful you!

    Happy 2012 to you and your's!


  10. and yet, not a single mention of a certain television show – for shame! I really like the year in pictures idea – I even remember some of them – I hope your year of courage went well – my year of "connect" was full of both blessing and curse – but I'm glad I did it – happy holidays Tracie – God bless you and yours.

  11. Awesome post--love it and I'm stealing it! As I do so many of your great ideas and steals, hehe! A very Happy Holidays to you my friend!

  12. The upside down picture is my fave! :)

  13. Loved this! Especially the November picture and fond memories of so many of your posts! Praying 2012 brings you abundant blessings and joy!

  14. Looks like 2011 was good to you. I hope 2012 is as well.

  15. Your March photo is gorgeous.

  16. Love how you tackled everyone's link ups in one post. Way to multitask, hope you have a great 2012!