From Tracie: Writing About Surviving On My Blog In 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Writing About Surviving On My Blog In 2014

In 2014, I wrote many posts about survivor issues, and how these issues, child abuse, and sexual assault were covered by the media. I didn't even come close to covering every case, or even every high profile case, but I did cover quite a few. I also shared some of my own story and healing journey, because even though I've been blogging about surviving abuse for nine years and actively working on healing for a over a decade, I'm still learning, healing, and finding new ways to use my voice and share my story.

Survivor Issues In The News And On My Blog In 2014

Blog Against Child Abuse January 2014 Edition

Mia Farrow Might Have Been A Bad Mom But That Doesn't Make Dylan A Liar - I choose to presume innocence for Dylan Farrow. I will not believe she is guilty of lying about the abuse she disclosed at the hands of Woody Allen until she is proven guilty. Her story of disclosing, and not being believed, is the story of so many survivors.

Growing Up In Fundamentalism - BJU, GRACE, And Sexual Abuse - Why I believe fundamentalist views played into the dynamics of my family and the enabling and covering up of sexual abuse in my childhood.

Two Important Decisions This Week That Could Affect Rape Prosecutions - I hope people will remember this vote. I hope that we, as a nation, will remind each other who stood up for a bill that would have supported survivors of sexual assault in the United States Military with important changes to the way their cases are handled, and who stood against it.

How Do You Tell Your Kid You're A Survivor Of Child Sexual Abuse? - I told my daughter I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and the entire conversation was a huge healing moment. One of the most important things I wrote this year.

Blog Against Child Abuse April 2014 Edition

Social Media Makes Me Stronger (And Less Depressed) - There is a great list of supportive online communities near the end of this post, some of which are specifically for sexual abuse and rape survivors.

Blog Against Child Abuse July 2014 Edition

Grooming, Mel Hall, and Disclosures Of Abuse: What Parents Need To Know - Talk to your kids, not just about what they should do if someone touches them inappropriately, but also about what they should do if a friend discloses abuse. This post is also one of the few times I was asked in both the comment section and in personal emails to remove a post about a public figure.

What I Am Not Sharing On Social Media - Find out the three things that will make me NOT share a post about child abuse on Facebook.

Blog Against Child Abuse August 2014 Edition

John Grisham Accidentally Let Us Know Exactly What He Thinks About Child Pornography And Those Who Download It - A break down of what exactly Grisham said about child pornography and those (including his friend) who consume it. These words aren't just important because he is a famous author, but because they shine a light on how the rape culture in our world extendeds to victims and survivors of child pornography.

Is Honey Boo Boo's Mom Dating A Child Molester? - A look at the four categories of people who are in relationships with child molesters.

Blog Against Child Abuse November 2014 Edition

Lena Dunham’s Troubling Memoir - While there are many questions surrounding this situation and book, what is not at question is the fact that the story, as described by Lena, is a narrative of a child being sexually abused. We can not give Lena Dunham a pass because she has a hit show, she is a woman, or she and her family are artistic. We must not make allowances for any normalization of sexual abuse. We must always stand up in the face of child abuse and predatory behavior, and call it exactly what it is.

The Time I Was On TV Talking About Lena Dunham And Child Sexual Abuse - You can see my entire interview and learn more about The New Agenda, the organization which published my original piece on Lena Dunham.

Blog Against Child Abuse December 2014 Edition

GRACE Releases Report From Two-Year Investigation Of Sexual Abuse Disclosures And Institutional Responses At Bob Jones University - An update to my post about BJU earlier in the year, with the link to the GRACE report.


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